Tableau vs Power BI: Prices, Functionality and Support Compared by BI Company in Saudi Arabia

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Tableau and Microsoft Power BI are the leaders in the industry of BI Company in Saudi Arabia and data visualization. Both include intuitive and easy-to-use data assessment tools for business leaders.

But which BI tool is best for your business?

We have made a comparison between Tableau and Power BI to showcase key differences and factors that must be considered when making a purchase decision.

How they compare

Tableau: Tableau Consultant in Saudi Arabia allows users to create 24 varying sorts of reference visualizations, including heat maps, linear diagrams and scatter plots. It contains an interface that does not require knowledge of coding to develop complex visualizations.

Power BI: The tool makes it easy to download data sets. Users can choose many visualizations as schemas, and then insert the data from a sidebar into the main visualization screen.

Customer attention

Tableau: Direct phone and email support is available, as well as by logging into the customer portal to send a support ticket.

Tableau also provides a complete knowledge base, categorized by three subscription categories: desktop, server and Internet.

Users can also access the Tableau community forum and attend training and other events.

Power BI: Customer support features are limited to users with a free Power BI account. All users can send a support ticket, but users with a paid account receive faster support.

Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services in Saudi Arabia also provides strong support and documentation resources, including targeted learning, a user forum, and examples of how partners use the platform.


Tableau: The Desktop category has two options: Personal Edition (starting at $ 35) and Professional Edition (starting at $ 70). The Tableau server provides public or local cloud functionality from US $ 35. Tableau Online is fully hosted and starts at $ 42.

Power BI: Pro starts at $ 9.99 per user per month and provides additional features like data management, content distribution, and content. Pro offers a trial version of 60 days.

If you’re new to Business Intelligence tools, check out the final BI guide. It provides an unbiased overview of market trends, key features and common challenges that must be avoided.

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