Top 5 Business Intelligence Trends in 2018

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If you’re thinking what we can create new innovative data vizzes or business intelligence trends this year, you’re in the   right place.
When it comes to data visualization, your audience is your target. We are thinking now in 2018, what the audience wants that will shape data viz trends. That is, while we might have all the data, the way we need to present that data to satisfy audience demands is constantly changing.

Interactive Maps as Standard:

If your brand is already using interactive maps to express your data, then it is great. If it isn’t, you’re behind the trend. People love maps, and people love interacting with them. It isn’t old news for interactive map developers like us, but the popularity of these maps is for everyone else, embrace the game-like fun of interactive cartography. Most of all, expect to see more interactive maps than ever before. Because this trend, for a lot of people, is just catching up to itself.

Complex Stories

We know as data visualize creators know that a data viz without context is essentially an image with a particular format. But context helps shape the data we’re sharing and provides even more insight to allow us to tell the story we need to tell. Audiences are now expecting more complex data stories. Think more than one data visualization type, a whole presentation, custom experiences, storytelling with data. Simple stories from complex data may be no easy task.

Data Vizzes in News Articles

One change you can bet on is seeing more data viz in your paper. We us data viz folk know, data visualization is a great way of doing this. It also synthesizes and condenses information in a way that gives us, the reader, and more time. Essentially, it’s learning more in less time – it’s intuitive. Editors love it, and so do readers, so editors love it even more.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning allows data professionals to work smarter not harder.

Microsoft has recently announced similar enhancements to Excel, expected in 2018. Their “Insights” upgrade includes the creation of new data types in the program. For example, the Company Name data type will automatically pull in such information as location and population data using their Bing API. They are also introducing Machine Learning models that will assist with data manipulation. These updates will empower Excel users, already familiar with the programs data visualization tools, with data sets that are automatically enhanced.

Data visualizations around current events are dominating the social conversation.

Data visualizations for social sharing will also take a “less is more” approach for the remainder of the year. Interactive data visualizations and maps specifically, offer a new format that is great for social sharing. Marketers can quickly build maps using available location data from social platforms or open data portals.

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