Which BI tool is better to learn, Tableau or Microsoft Power BI Consultant in Saudi Arabia?

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Power BI and Tableau are both fantastic. But it seems unfair sometimes. I say that, because they can serve very different purposes.

So, back to analogy, these tools can be similar to mobile operating systems. Tableau IOS is similar to a more structured approach to data expansion, as Microsoft Power BI Consultant in Saudi Arabia is similar to Android that serves the open market. If your condition is pure visual, go to Tableau. If you want to create a rich custom visual library for Power BI.

When comparing these two tools there are quite a few other parameters apart from visualizing the data.

Which BI tool is better to learn, Tableau or Microsoft Power BI Consultant in Saudi Arabia?



Power BI is handy when compared to the motherboard when you talk about the cost of installation (the ratio is 1: 5). But if you want to talk about a long-term investment, the cost of Tableau Consultant in ​Saudi Arabia is less than Power BI in terms of total cost of ownership.

Data Management:

If you ask me about Power BI you will be a clear winner when the parameters are data modeling and data formation.

Environmental System:

The fact that Power BI is a Microsoft product gives you better integration capabilities and hits Tableau again.

Tableau and Power BI provide different advantages and disadvantages in comparing BI Consultant in Saudi Arabia solutions. However, the need to solve the “business intelligence” of an enterprise depends on the nature and requirements of its business, its size and type, the necessities of the workforce and the fragmentation of customers that meet their needs. Consider how a BI solution works for an organization and what it can offer to solve its problems and help make the right decision by trying it rather than relying on pros and cons.

Is an intuitive and simple BI solution with the basic features you need? Is it with the complicated functions you need? Any specific features you are looking for fit your type in the field. Ultimately, the budget is the final determinant to be followed in a particular BI solution or not at all.

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Mobile#: +966547315697

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