Why Companies Wants Business Intelligence Services?

The term business intelligence services elaborate the process of business uses to gather all raw data from many sources and process it into real information they will apply to determine effeteness o business processes,  forecast trends, create policy, analyze market. Data warehouse is an essential part of effective BI Services. Data warehouse is more than a database like its method of storing information. On the other hand database simply holds data; a good designed data warehouse system is actually consisting of three parts.

Staging: Raw data is stored and control by developers. The main goal of developers in this stage is to take raw information from different sources, organize it, read it for integration.

Integration: Raw data is further stored and categorized logically according to the user needs. It also allows user easy access.

Access: Data is presented to users in a logical way that is easy to use and understand.

Many organizations are on board with data warehouse and storage. They use business intelligence solutions daily, other find the concept of data warehouse and its benefits. Here are some of the benefits of data warehouse solutions:

  • Improve user access

Standard database can be read and manage by developer like SQL Query or Oracle client, but there is considerable ramp up time for end users to use it effectively these apps to get what they need. Business Intelligence solutions and data warehouse end user access built in tools for the purposes data warehouses.

  • Better consistency of data

Developers work with data warehousing system after receiving data so that all the information controlled in the data warehouse.

  • All in one

Data warehouse has ability to receive data from many different sources, meaning any system in business can be contributing data. Different business use different application for managing data warehouse.

  • Advanced query processing

Most business even the best database systems are bound to either a single sever or many servers.  Data warehouse services are more advance than a standard database server. Data warehouse will process queries faster and more effectively and increased productivity.

Bilytica provide business intelligence services to convert business data into reports. These reports helps decision makers to make fact based decisions. Business Intelligence Dashboard services enable management to view trends and performance on single screen.

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