CourierBot in Saudi Arabia

Bilytica Courierbot makes waiting for your package the most comfortable, safe and simple experience known to date. It does not make sense that your customers have paid for a product to be delivered, however, they have to interact with unfriendly call agents to know the status of their delivery.


Automated logistics:

Bilytica CourierBot offers the best automation of its kind for its messaging and logistics services, with customer control and happiness at the highest priority.

The tracking, scheduling, updating and authentication of deliveries make this the logistics tool that saves costs, efficiency and effectiveness that your company will use. Increase communication efficiency, support and friendly chatbot service that is available 24/7, without waiting and without hours of operation: CourierBot gives your company the possibility of reducing costs so you can increase its growth and reach.

Did you know?


  • 57% of consumers are interested in chatbots due to their instant response time.
  • 5% of consumers want to see more companies that use chatbots.
  • 47% of consumers would buy articles from a chatbot.


The integration with more than 170 platforms, including Facebook, Messenger, WeChat, Slack, Skype and more, makes it simple and accessible for your customers. The ratings will increase and your business will benefit from automated processes.

Use Cases of Bilytica Chatbot

Bilytica Chatbots are picking up ubiquity quick. They can be utilized for various business needs. Observe some of them.

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