Bilytica OrderBot integrates with its online product and service offering, making interaction with customers easily accessible on more than 170 platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Slack, Skype and more. With the integration to GAAP, we are ready for you.


Your company should always be online, available and consistent in customer service. We specialize in giving your company what it needs to thrive in an economy on demand. OrderBot will reduce your infrastructure costs by up to 80%, keep your business ahead of the technological curve and raise customer satisfaction to its highest level.


OrderBot is smart and learns from interactions with your customers to provide better conversation in the future and build a bot-client relationship that suits your personalized behavior patterns. Clients will experience better, spend more and save.

The Statistics Of Bilytica OderBot


90% of companies use Facebook to respond to requests for services or products. Chatbots will boost

85% of all customer service interactions for the year 2020. 75% of more than 200 business executives plan to implement AI in their companies within Facebook that they publish on their public pages starting in 2016. Customers have 5 times More likely to send private messages to a company through Facebook than to publish on their public page. Chatbots currently represent a savings in business costs of $ 20 million worldwide. 67% of consumers around the world, in 207, used a chatbot for customer service the previous year.

Use Cases of Bilytica Chatbot

Bilytica Chatbots are picking up ubiquity quick. They can be utilized for various business needs. Observe some of them.

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Tools We Use For Chatbot Development

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