IBM Cognos Upgrade & Migration

There are many business intelligence and performance management platforms, released in new versions, in this way in order to derive the fullest functionality of these latest platforms the projects need to be upgraded and migrated according to the respective version.

Bilytica can assist in finding the requirements of this migration and conversion of projects, where a quick audit is conducted to evaluate the infrastructure, performance and the capacity. A project plan is also organized to incorporate this migration process and achieve the best out of resources, risks, handle risks and get the successful outcomes.

The Cognos Consultant and Cognos Experts are trained well, who seek the latest released knowledge of features of cognos business intelligence and performance management.  This very knowledge includes the experience details of these various versions and experiences of the products (IBM Cognos 10, etc.) and previous migration.

These can assist the organizations in a number of ways, like:

  • Assessment of advantages.
  • Cost prediction.
  • Risks measurement before the implementation.

By giving an overview of this upgrade and migration, smart and fast outcomes are assured to the customers. A number of tasks are simplified by this, as if:

  • If a software is upgraded.
  • Hardware is up-scaled.
  • Expanding the system.
  • Balancing and sharing the lead of business intelligence on other servers.

Technical resources.

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