How Business Intelligence help to maintain the Supply Chain

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On account of business intelligence tools, organizations are no longer flooded with reams of information that they don’t realize what to do with. Rather, logistics administrators are utilizing BI analytic solutions to discover genuine importance in their ocean of numbers and take activities that lift store network productivity and viability.

According to Wikipedia

“Business intelligence is a set of theories, methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information”

Real Time dashboards:

Directors and officials who need a quick, every day review of what is occurring in their transportation or store network organize utilize dashboards, which give data in close ongoing to help clients get and understand issues as they happen and limit requirements are not being met on a specific path, a dashboard makes it simple for clients to spot tender rejects happening inside that path, register with the issue, and potentially rebid the path.


Many organizations are also utilizing supply chain analytic solution to highlight designs found in historical data that may yield indications to future dangers and opportunities in their supply chain network or transportation systems. This predictive examination capability utilizes real time driven data of knowledge to speed basic leadership and help make an agile and responsive supply chain management network.

Better decision through data:

Optimizing the performance across the supply chain management was a key factor in business decision making to embrace the business intelligence tools. Most of the companies utilize business intelligence tools to access a complete suite of reports and dashboards that provide clear visibility to its transportation and performance. The provided business intelligence data via real time dashboards and reports make it quite easier for the analytic teams to use such data to make their operational decisions much quicker and more efficient.

Dealing with red alerts:

Red alerts are such popup windows, with the help of which the organization now has an ease in a way to analyze the data, and also address the issues with drivers or dispatchers, and also able to determine that which decision will be the best in the favor of company.

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