Latest Business Intelligence Trends for 2017

Going into the next year means planning the business intelligence (BI) for the improved outcomes in 2017. The dominating technology Services like cloud services, predictive analytics software, and data science are constantly bringing innovation into business intelligence world.  These solutions are changing the ways BI operates and improving its impact on a number of small to midsize businesses (SMBs).

In the past months of 2016, we have seen a major shift toward self-service platforms for handling stats and data efficiently within organizations. The modern BI analytics today are self-service tools, they are important components of a pervasive modern BI system.

The organizations are doing fast, agile, and modern Business intelligence today due changing trends of using robust platforms to address the diverse needs. These tools are dominating the marketplaces and changing the perceptions of BI professionals. Organization need these tools integrated with cloud technology as major players to enhance profits.

The growing trend of cloud technology has made it easy for business intelligence consultants to access their data faster than ever with any location globally. The industry-leading brands like Tableau BI Software are dominating the world market today. Tableau brings robust power to transform the business strategies. Giant names like OracleMicrosoft, IBM Cognos and Tableau are providing industry the tools by focusing on self-service visual discovery and data preparation as well.

The demand for serf services tools like Tableau 10.1 Server and Desktop versions is increasing.  They provide full array of features that IT, HR and finance departments need.

Some Predictions from the Industry

Let us glance at the latest predictions from the industry based on the business intelligence companies polls. Tableau will impact the industry in 2017 heavily.

  1. Development and Advancement of Self-Service BI

The trend of self-servicing platforms is increasing in the New Year. The biggest trend in the industry for 2017 is going to be the growth of leading BI software like Tableau. The Tableau developers are working efficiently to improve the functionality tremendously.

  1. Evolution of Self-Service BI

The Tableau Software is a great example of an evolving BI trend that will help the community for a long time. Its fully self-service analytics modules will evolve beyond just self-service for analysts. There will be self-service information for the masses delivered not through tools but through purpose-built interfaces and applications. Tableau Consultants are improving it to do the full transactions as well. This was large masses will be able to benefit from that BI solution.

  1. 2. Advanced Customizable Visualizations

In the New Year, the importance will be given to Tableau BI tool for creating more powerful graphical information. The cloud capabilities of Tableau have been incredibly beneficial for businesses already. Little space will be needed to utilize analytics an SMB space which will be a great shift from traditional compliance reporting. The visualization snippets in the form of dashboards will include browser integration as well as visual and graphical elements. It will enable tablet smart phones to use Tableau more efficiently.

  1. A Screen In Hand wil lBe Worth Two on the Desk

Tableau is going to change the BI scene in 2017.  The speed of Tableau will also increase, it will deliver the better data discovery and data governance for managers. More effective and better decisions will be made this way for everyone who used this data accurate and timely decisions will benefit management to achieve goals.

  1. The Rise of API Application

Software-as-a-service SaaS was used by companies in 2016 more broadly. The immense need for APIs and cloud connectivity is likely to go up. More importance will be given to the designer tools and productivity in 2017 due to which Tableau Business Intelligence will shine with all its impressive features.

  1. Data As Fresh as Water

Also in 2016, the data has grown in quantity in each department. Therefore it is essential for businesses to grow and thrive in 2017 to gain access to their data and have full rights over their data. Some companies are promoting the monopolistic culture who want to restrict other companies to manage their free flow of data and consumers. This trend might go on but will not affect the popularity of Tableau Business Intelligence solution.

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