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Hadoop is an open source framework for storing and processing BIG DATA in an environment distributed in computer and hardware clusters. It uses simple programming models to provide massive storage for all types of data, high processing power and the ability to handle virtually unlimited concurrent tasks. Tableau consultancy and training services in Qatar to help your business with strategies, data integrations and data visualization for interactive panels. With a team full of experience in multiple industries and technical knowledge, we can help you accelerate the value of Tableau. Get more information about services and prices by clicking on one of the buttons below.


Hadoop Consulting services in Qatar:

The Internet search was the first “big data” problem solved by Hadoop. And in Search Technologies, we have successfully achieved successful search and Big Data projects for more than 800 clients in various industries.

More recently, our projects have involved the implementation of “big data” search and analysis solutions that involve extremely addressing the volume, speed, variety and accuracy of extremely large data sets. The solutions have included:

  • Automate the applicant to match the work (“search and match”) for some of the largest recruitment companies in the world, a project that analyzes the text of millions of unstructured records.
  • Develop a fraud detection work bank for the insurance industry that allows the detection of anomalous transactions among tens of millions of claim records.
  • Creation of the “next generation” of intranet / extranet portals. Fortune 500 companies that will take advantage of machine learning to optimize the relevance of the search.
  • And other use cases driven by Hadoop consulting services in Qatar, search and big data technologies

Then, as expected, we have a great experience with Hadoop consulting services in Qatar projects. We can provide qualified personnel to help customers with Hadoop based projects at competitive daily prices.

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