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Hadoop is highly scalable storage platform, because it can distribute and store a large amount of data sets across thousands of inexpensive servers that operate in parallel. Hadoop allow business to run applications on a large number of nodes containing thousands of terabytes of data.

Hadoop offers very cost effective storage solutions for businesses exploding data sets. The issue with traditional relational database management system is that it is extremely expensive to scale to such a degree in order to process such massive volumes of data. Hadoop is efficient tool for businesses to easily access new data sources and tap into different types of data to generate value from that data.

Unique storage method of Hadoop is based on distributed file system that basically maps data wherever it is located on a cluster. The data processing tools are often on the same servers where the data is located, which make data processing very faster, if you are dealing with large volumes of unstructured data, Hadoop is best approach. It can efficiently process terabytes of data in just minutes, and Penta bytes in hours.

The main advantage of using Hadoop is its fault tolerance. When data is sent to an individual node, that data is also replicated to other nodes in cluster. So in the event of failure, there is alternative copy available for use.

Bilytica provide Hadoop training in Saudi Arabia for data driven companies. Bilytica offer deep insight into the development and administration of big data and Hadoop deployments in enterprise environments. Hadoop is big data platform that facilitates the users to deal with voluminous data generated at very high velocity efficiently.

With the huge growth in devices being used to process transactions, huge amount of data is generated that need to process quickly efficiently and timelessly. You can master this technology by opting Bilytica’s Hadoop Training in Saudi Arabia.

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