Bilytica develops a wide range
of custom healthcare software development solutions, including:


The popularity of telemedicine has soared. The most convenient approach for a patient to obtain medical care is frequently through a remote telemedicine consultation with a healthcare professional. Patients can book and manage appointments remotely, participate virtually in appointments over the phone or video, and access medical records right away thanks to the mobile/web telemedicine tools that Bilytica provides.

Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

Healthcare workers can provide individualized patient care via CDS. Automatic alerts, clinical recommendations, condition-specific prescriptions, patient-specific reports, diagnostic help, and other relevant information are examples of CDS tools. The smartphone and web apps we provide for CDS support doctors in providing accurate, thorough, and effective patient care.


Employers’ and insurers’ wellness initiatives promote healthy lifestyles and good health. There are programs available to help people quit smoking, stay in form, manage their diabetes, obtain regular health tests, and more. These programs frequently offer insurance discounts and other benefits to participants. Bilytica creates websites and apps for wellness that enhance user experience, assisting patients in keeping track of health-related activities, monitoring progress toward goals, and adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Remote Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring, frequently used in conjunction with telemedicine, helps medical professionals in understanding and managing patients’ conditions. Remote monitoring lowers medical expenses while improving health outcomes. Bilytica creates remote monitoring apps that assist in monitoring a variety of diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart arrhythmia, and sleep apnea. Even data from instruments that assess vital indicators like blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood oxygen can be integrated.

Healthcare AI

The cost, administration, and delivery of healthcare could all see exponential advances because to artificial intelligence (AI). For instance, studies suggest that AI is capable of identifying some diseases as well as (or better than) humans. To help our clients stay on the cutting edge of healthcare technology, we can develop mobile and web solutions that integrate AI and quickly adapt to the rapidly evolving AI ecosystem.

Electronic prescribing (E-Prescribing)

Doctors may electronically prescribe any prescription with just a few screen taps thanks to e-prescribing. Our e-prescribing mobile/web apps enable the electronic delivery of prescriptions to pharmacies. E-Prescribing’s efficiency, clarity, and correctness are crucial in maximizing the standard of patient care.

Project Stages and Flow

Depending on the stage of your project, Bilytica can figure out
and provide the best strategy for archiving your goals,launching,
or releasing a new version that your users will like.

Our typical project flow includes the following stages.


Discovery stage

Planning thoroughly can guarantee the success of your project. Our team works with you to harmonize functionality, performance, and design during the four-step exploration stage that precedes each development phase. Before we begin, we strategize with you, order your business’ needs and goals, define your budget, and set deadline


Design stage

Our design team begins to establish your application style (the app’s “look and feel”) after developing a prototype wireframe. We give you a complete set of UI screens at this point so you can continue developing.


Development stage

We work with you on every stage of your backend development project, collaborating on an MVP (minimum viable product) for quick release as well as a product that develops over time and several releases. We employ the Agile technique, with a focus on quick sprints, and we simultaneously complete mockups, wireframes, and documentation during the development stage.


Ongoing development, support, and maintenance stage

Our team conducts fresh sprints to hasten the deployment of new releases with more features after the MVP has been made available. The latest available version of the launched app is also supported and maintained by us.

Development formats and billing

Time & Materials

Agile, flexible ideation, as well as the capacity to pivot and adjust in response to changing circumstances, are necessary for creating an excellent, user-friendly backend environment. You won’t have to pay more than necessary for risk contingencies with our time and materials approach.


We support agile software development. Agile backend development makes use of a number of brief sprints, allowing for rapid and transparent project progress. We apply our flexible and adaptable philosophies to every backend project, taking into account your comments along the route and rearranging the order of importance as necessary. Agile ensures that we can offer a highly adaptable service that produces a unique backend solution that wins your approval at every level rather than depending on the constricting linear waterfall technique.

UI/UX design, prototyping

Your success depends on your user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Our UI development method is dynamic and iterative, based on user feedback, prototypes, and analytics that enable us to perceive your UI from the perspective of your users. Additionally, our progressive UI development saves you time and money by preventing last-minute, unforeseen scope modifications.

Automated QA and testing

Best practices in software development include automated quality assurance and testing. We employ QA automation solutions and testing technologies because they provide major benefits to our clients, such as higher product quality, lower costs, and faster delivery.

Compliance to technology standards and industry best practices

We place a strong emphasis on clean architecture, design patterns, readable code, and documentation throughout the whole software development process. We adhere to the standards set out by Google (such as the Javascript, Typescript, Java, and Kotlin style guidelines) and Apple (such as the Swift and Objective-C style guides). KISS, DRY, and SOLID, three general engineering concepts, are also followed by us.

Adherence to security standards and guidelines

To meet the security requirements of each client, we adhere to industry best practices. We can assist you with adhering to security norms and laws including SOC 2, PCI DSS and GDPR. To maintain product continuity and safeguard you against crucial data loss, we also offer stringent version control, automatic code backups, and data backups.

Our case studies

Saudi Cloud Solution for Clinics, including EMR, RCM, ERP, HR, and Patient Wellness

Patient Wellness
  • Increase Collections
  • Optimize Patient Care
  • Reduce expenses
  • 100% Compliance with MoH, Nphies, HIMSS, CBAHI
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