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Bilytica is the best place to seek Data Stage online training that enhances your Data Stage skills for vertical growth in your profession. We also provide the solutions for corporate customers who are looking out to impart Data Stage skills into their team for fruitful results. Our Data Stage certified trainers have the skills to teach you or share the knowledge to the industry through Data Stage online training.
Our Data Stage online training not only helps you to get familiar with the tools but also enhance your skills to code ETL jobs. also enables you to learn a real time project that gives you confidence to perform at your workplace. We provide task-based training through our Data Stage online training, where at the end of the training you would know about the activities you have to follow in delivering for an ETL project.

We provide Data Stage online training at your convenience and needs, as our Data Stage online training classes are equipped with lab intensive hands on courses through Data Stage project examples. Additionally, we also help you to become a true Data Stage professional through our Data Stage online training material.

Data Stage Online training course details:

Introduction to Data Warehousing

  • What is Data Warehousing?
  • Who needs Data Warehousing?
  • Why Data Warehouse is required?
  • Types of Systems
  • OLTP
  • OLAP
  • Maintenance of Data Warehouse
  • Data Warehousing Life Cycle

Database Design and Data Modeling

  • Source
  • Integration Layer
  • Staging Area
  • Target
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • ODS

Multi-Dimensional Modeling

  • What is dimension modeling?
  • Difference between ER modeling and dimension modeling
  • What is a Dimension?
  • What is a Fact?
  • Start Schema
  • Snow Flake Schema
  • Difference between Star and snow flake schema
  • Fact Table
  • Different types of facts
  • Dimensional Tables
  • Fact less Fact Table
  • Confirmed Dimensions
  • Unconfirmed Dimensions
  • Junk Dimensions
  • Monster Dimensions
  • Degenerative Dimensions
  • What are slowly changing Dimensions?
  • Different types of SCD’s
  • IBM WebSphere DataStage and QualityStage, Versions 8.0.1Contents

Introduction about Data Stage

  • Difference between Data Stage 7.5.2 and 8.0.1
  • What’s new in Data Stage 8.0.1?
  • What is way ahead in Data Stage?
  • IBM Information Sever architecture
  • Datastage within the IBM Information Server architecture
  • Difference between Server Jobs and Parallel Jobs
  • Difference between Pipeline Parallelism and Partition Parallelism
  • Partition techniques (Round Robin, Random,

Hash, Entire, Same, Modules, Range, DB2, Auto

  • Configuration File
  • Difference between SMP/PMP(Cluster) Architecture
  • Data stage components (Server components /Client components)


  • Introduction about Designer
  • Repository
  • Palette
  • Type of Links
  • File Stages
  • Sequential file
  • Dataset file
  • File set
  • Lookup file set
  • Difference between Sequential file/Dataset/File set
  • Overview of iWay, Classic federation and netezza
  • Database Stages
  • Dynamic RDBMS
  • Oracle Enterprise
  • ODBC Enterprise
  • Stored Procedure

Processing Stages

  • Change Capture
  • Compare Stage
  • Difference Stage
  • Aggregate Stage
  • Transformer Stage
  • Difference between basic transformer and transformer
  • Surrogate Generator Stage
  • Join Stage
  • Merge Stage
  • Lookup Stage
  • Difference between Join/Lookup/Merge
  • Difference between Join/Lookup
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Switch
  • Pivot
  • Modify
  • Funnel
  • Generic stage
  • Different types of sorting and sort stage.
  • Different types of combining and collecting techniques.
  • Filter
  • External filter
  • Difference between filter, External filter and switch stages.
  • SCD stage
  • Encode and decode stages
  • FTP stage
  • Adding job parameters to a job
  • Parameter set
  • Difference between partitioning and re partitioning
  • Run time column propagation
  • Schema files

Debugging Stage

  • Head
  • Tail
  • Pea
  • Row Generator
  • Column Generator
  • Sample

Data stage Director

  • Introduction to Data stage Director
  • Job Status View
  • View logs
  • Scheduling
  • Batches Creation
  • Cleaning resources using Administrator
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