Sales Management and CRM Software

Sales Management and CRM Software

InsureQlik let the insurance brokers and firms which streamline the resources by offering simplified way to increase sales, track commissions and integrate with external systems. We offer intuitive prospecting and customer relationship management tools for the brokers which help them in achieving their objectives. Your customer facing advisors and representatives can access the right information at right time and it provides great client insights to improve the customer service and it helps your firm to attract and retain the profitable clients.

Main Features of InsureQlik Sales Management and CRM

  • It offers comprehensive view of client by providing real time visibility in to customer data from multiple databases
  • Track the customer facing interactions on the multiple communication channels
  • Analyze and monitor the customer requirements for maximizing the up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and it adapts for changing customer requirements
  • It reduces the administrative burden on the financial advisors
  • Financial advisors can work efficiently across information sources and channels of distribution. You can easily integrate marketing, sales and customer service through InsureQlik Sales Management and CRM
  • Targeted offers can be created to identify valued clients and it helps to increase revenue with comprehensive view of customer information
  • Gain Customer loyalty and engender the trust through personalized customer services across the multiple channels
  • Automate the key processes and tasks to boost operational efficiencies by utilizing the core competencies
  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and extend value of IT investments through customizations tools and simplified integration with the existing systems.
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