First of all in UK, we recognize that an online store based on Magento is intended to generate revenue and provide a positive and efficient customer experience, so we take that into account in every e-commerce commitment. The digital business commerce solutions delivered by the Magento developers at Bilytica are high performance, full of features, fully scalable and designed to be extremely secure.

Whether the online store is B2C, B2B or both, our design and development experts can satisfy a variety of needs when it comes to Magento Ecommerce Development Services in UK. From providing consulting and strategy to increase the dollar amount per customer to migrate or upgrade to the latest version of Magento, our certified professionals are ready to help.

We also routinely help create new e-commerce experiences from Magento, redesigning current online stores to make them look and work better for customers, integrate Magento e-commerce sites with a variety of third-party applications and services, and we support and maintain store sites without giving  any chance of them falling

Magento’s e-commerce development experience from Bilytica extends to the following related service areas:

Strategy and consulting:

We can guarantee that the site is optimized for high performance from the perspective of architecture and code, as well as from the point of view of business results. We use the best practices and proven tactics while we consider your products or services, the brand and the target customers.


we can do everything in the front-end (business analysis, UX / UI / CX design, creativity and theming) and always design taking into account the customer, which includes meeting the needs of mobile devices.


back-end (architecture and programming), quality assurance and project management are fundamental in Techlopes. Years after years of experience and knowledge, not only with Magento, but through a vast digital panorama, makes us well prepared to meet a plethora of technical needs.

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