Lead generation & nurturing

Lead nurturing is much more than simply adding contacts to a newsletter distribution list. Our approach is to make prospects feel as though they’re having a fluid, ongoing dialogue with our client. Too often nurturing processes devolve into a series of disjointed conversations. We try and guide prospects by providing useful information and tools – and show we’re genuinely interested in their business.

As simple as it sounds, effective lead nurturing requires the co-ordination of several moving parts. It demands the clever use of marketing automation tools, data acquisition, segmentation strategy, content mapped to the buying cycle, digital communications, and telephone conversations. The process culminates with an agreed upon protocol for handing off qualified leads to sales.

We’re adept at the entire process: full program planning, execution, ongoing management, and analysis. We even provide lead nurturing as an entirely managed service. As a certified Eloqua partner, we’re expert in integrating and optimizing CRM systems with marketing automation. We advise on best practices for data and content strategies. And we provide both digital communications and tele-services under one roof.

ME.S can help you to drive a more promising sales pipeline

Make the process of buying from your company a differentiator in itself. By creating the most relevant, interesting content and delivering it to the right audience segments at the right time, we can help you to:

  • Attract new prospects and fill the top of your funnel with web inquiries
  • Accelerate marketing-qualified leads towards closure
  • Penetrate and radiate within key accounts Cross-sell and up-sell to your existing customer base
  • Re-engage with stalled or dormant contacts
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