Windows 8

Windows operating system has always offered something that is exceptional and creative. We all have grown up with variant versions of windows. Extraordinary and exceptional technology of windows empowers it to be popular in the world mobile phones. It is well known due to its consistent improvement and extended growth curve.

Windows 8 is the advance and intelligent version added to the line of windows OS. Windows store is an amazing app distribution platform that allows you to approach best app options for business, games, entertainment and much more. It empowers its developers to face advance technology outlets and enables them to bring value to development stream effectively. Our windows 8 developer team gets full support from Microsoft to create swift and amazing apps and it has been the best development among all. Windows 8 enables its users to deal with latest features flawlessly. Techlopes tries its best to utilize windows 8 attributes to develop applications according to your specifications. Our expert team has all the abilities and capabilities to deliver the solutions depending on size and demands of your organization. Their ultimate knowledge of OS ranks them as best solution providers.

Dedicated and exceptional team of researchers and analyst at Techlopes assist you to identify the most essential parts of the solution. Through optimization of your product they will also provide you the guideline to go for the most perfect solution for your windows. Our profound knowledge about technology makes us determined to provide you with the accurate applications. Our expert team designs apps that are compatible with all advance features such as near field communication, USB 3.0, cloud computing, 4kn advance format and low power ARM architecture. By exploiting HTML 5, CSS3 and Java script techniques, our expert can develop applications with exceptional qualities. Techlopes windows 8 development provides you the services for organization application development, data capture & management application, line of business apps, mobile apps, surface application development, dynamic CRM apps and much more.


  • Ultimate Web Standards
  • Native Animation Library
  • Detailed and malleable Layout options
  • Flexible input procedures
  • Dynamic and Novel Desktop Interface
  • Appended Search Function
  • Windows Live Syncing
  • Broad reach, transparency and flexibility
  • Supported by robust skills and resources
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