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Dashboard Development through Bilytica MicroStrategy Services

Bilytica offers the MicroStrategy Dashboard Development services through the use of our expert staff. Bilytica consultants address all the challenges which are related to the dashboard development through the use of an efficient platform namely MicroStrategy. Bilytica expert staff resources have create an award winning methodology which is regarded as the finely tuned methodology to encapsulate the best practices of various visualizations.

MicroStrategy experts working at Bilytica have played their part in the creation of specialized templates that plat a strong part in dashboard design and development for various MicroStrategy Business Intelligence platforms.

Main Features of our MicroStrategy Dashboard Development are:
  • Our experts play their part in the incorporation of best practices related to the data visualization.
  • Bilytica consultants make use of the tested methodology for MicroStrategy Dashboard development which includes:
  • Page Design Guide
  • Re-Usable templates
  • Development checklists, requirements questionnaire, test plans and catalogues designing
  • Re-Usable templates usage with the recommended color patterns
  • Bilytica experts also provide the customized visualizations for the dashboards which let the business users get highly appealing graphical visualizations for the comprehensive data analysis.
  • More than 100 successful dashboard projects completed and delivered with complete client satisfaction.

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