Learning Objectives:

At the completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the critical success factors that determine the outcome of BI projects
  • Install and configure Pentaho Data Integration
  • Understand and use the PDI input, transformation and output steps that are useful when preparing data for analysis
  • Create an analytic model from a staged database table
  • Use Pentaho Analyzer to layout, pivot and filter multi-dimensional views
  • Access and navigate the Pentaho User Console in an “on demand” hosted environment
  • Create Analyzer reports with calculations, totals and charts
  • Use the Ad-Hoc Report Wizard to create new reports
  • Use the dashboard designer to create charts and combine them with reports and analysis views
  • Understand the requirements, tasks and resources needed to put an Agile BI solution into wide-scale production

Course Outline

What is Business Intelligence

  • Why BI projects fail
  • The Problems
  • Abandonment

What is Agile BI?

  • Why should you take an Agile approach?
  • What are the expected benefits?
  • How does Agile BI fit into the “Big I.T. Picture”?
  • Using Pentaho Data Integration to Create an Analytic Environment
  • Creating a Database table from a spreadsheet.
  • PDI basics
  • Logging in/ Repository
  • Data Connections
  • What are steps/Drag and Drop
  • Hops – Data Flow
  • Input Steps
  • CSV, Excel, Flat Files Access
  • Output Steps
  • CSV, Excel, Table Output
  • Creating a Database table from a spreadsheet.
  • What are Measures and Dimensions
  • Using the Analytic Viewer
  • Basics – Drag and Drop/ Pivot
  • Fixing Data Error
  • Merging Data, Data Enrichment
  • Take Away Lab
  • Checkbook Application
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