Performance Management Courses

Business Intelligence Fundamentals: Implementing BI to Enable a Strategy-Aligned Balanced Scorecard

In this course you will be introduced to the Balanced Scorecard framework and how it is used to align the business for optimal business performance. You will also learn about balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame best practices. You will also be guided through the steps involved in creating a strategy map, designing a scorecard, identifying measures, targets, and initiatives and obtaining executive buy-in. From an overall business impact perspective, you will learn how to align the information needs of your Balanced Scorecard with those of your broader BI program to minimize rework and maximize ROI.

Business Analytics Fundamentals: Effective Use of Information to Drive Business Performance

In this course you will learn what business analytics is through a series of examples, case studies and exercises. You will learn how well designed analytics programs support performance management and how to turn data into information. You will also learn about the challenges and success factors you will encounter as you begin to use information to drive business performance.

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