How Projects Success is ensured by AppsOut?l 

Appsout mobile apps development team ensures the transparent workflow with the clients to develop a high quality and perfect app development software solution. Our workflow always include core architecture, deployment, development and maintenance of mobile app technologies for the various platforms like Android app development, facebook app development, HTML 5 app development, iPhone app development and others.

AppsOut workflow consists of the following phases:


Request for Quotation

Request for quotation let you contact us and have our technical assistance for mobile app development project. We have a team of technical experts who guide and respond to the technical questions and queries for meeting the project demands.


Technical Assistance and Support

Our technical app development experts always review the request for quotations and comes up with the best possible solutions for your business requirements. All the client queries are resolved within no time through assistance of our experts which include online chat, virtually attended meetings and call support.


Requirement Gathering and Analysis

Requirement gathering and analysis phase carried out by the AppsOut team consists of app project requirement analysis, project prototyping, planning, and detailed business proposal and then we move towards the further steps for achievement of desired objectives.


Mobile App Project Execution

AppsOut support team who are carrying forward the project up till now handles it to app development team now after comprehensive evaluation of client requirements. Mobile App developers at AppsOut then handles the app development process.


Mobile App Project Development

Development of mobile apps at AppsOut is carried out through the implementation of drafted prototype for meeting business specifications. We always deliver high quality and feature rich mobile apps through the combination of business requirements and core coding for ensuring best customized app.


Mobile App Quality Assurance

AppsOut development team always send the developed project to Quality Assurance experts who test it to ensure the smooth working of an application and their testing mechanism include cross platform compatibility, integration testing, quality check and other necessary testing details. We implement the small fixes and test the entire project in this phase.


Mobile App Client Review and App Delivery

Mobile app is sent to the client for review and after getting an approval, we consider an application to be ready for the handover. If any modifications are required then they are done to ensure the flawless end results. Complete project is delivered after getting the project payment and experts ensure the mobile app includes all the features and functionalities committed at the start by offering high quality development and to ensure the client satisfaction.


Mobile App Go Live and Customer Support

After the final mobile app delivery, our support team ensures the best customer support and service as we always believe in establishing a long term mutual relationship with the client. All the mobile app projects delivered by us up till now have achieved complete client satisfaction and all our clients are completely satisfied and happy with our on-time delivery of the mobile application projects.