Education Examination Management software


You can easily build a perfect institute and sustain the schools integrity through the use of CampusQlik examination management software. It offers you an accurate and fair evaluation and a perfect appraisal system for the students which makes the examination process quick and easy. CampusQlik is one of the most refined school examination management system which offers you an automated method to create exams and evaluate the exam results of the students.

CampusQlik lets you define the test types and set up a customizable exam schedule. You don’t have to deal with the stress and headaches which are associated with the exams as CampusQlik will make your tasks easy thus allow you to concentrate better on more important things. Don’t worry about planning, scheduling or other problems when you make choice of CampusQlik as everything runs smoothly through CampusQlik. CampusQlik also allows you to choose a certain subject for grading, choosing terms for marks and make use of convenient built in calculating feature to make exam process simple.


Ensure Quick Result Cards Creation

CampusQlik reduces your burden by offering a consolidate sheet and producing result cards faster.

Convert Marks Sheet in to Progress Card

You can easily introduce the student and subject appraisal in your result cards instead of plain marks sheet.

Mention Class and Section Position in Result Card

CampusQlik offers you an opportunity to show and hid the student position in class and section according to your requirement.

Performance Reports with Analytics

CampusQlik ensures perfect recording of the exam result sheets which helps in producing the performance analytic reports for each student, section and class.

CampusQlik List of Features

CampusQlik Notable Features

  • Record Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual exams through CampusQlik
  • User defined exam schedules
  • Easy option to feed obtained marks.
  • Carry forward marks from previous exams into result cards.
    • Customizable formula for carry forward exam marks.
    • Subject marks in Grade instead of numbers (Optional)
    • Subject wise appraisals i.e. Home work, Class work, Class participation
    • Enter subject wise teacher remarks
    • Result cards multiple formats
  • Many options to following cases:
    • if student is absent in exam
    • if student is on leave in exam
    • if student is fail in a particular subject
    • if a student is failed in multiple subjects
    • Class section wise position
  • Result card printing

CampusQlik Reporting and Analytics

  • Easy to prepare and print Consolidate sheet
  • Result card multiple print styles
  • Print result of all the classes/sections/wing at once
  • Subject wise student performance analytics at student page (in student home module)
  • Analytical reports to see how a student have been performing in different exams
  • Teacher performance reports
  • Subject performance reports
  • Class and section performance reports
  • Grade wise count in performance reports


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