Every parent wants to give best education to its child and parents usually want to enroll their children in educational institutions which can offer great visibility of children progress from anywhere at any time. Schools which opt for CampusQlik academic management software can offer real time insights to students, teachers and parents.

Everything you need to manage your school – Big or Small.

CampusQlik is just the right school management software to manage small and large schools from pre-admission to the alumni and all the related processes. All the modules and screens are mobile ready which makes it convenient for schools to use responsive layout.

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CampusQlik helps you with all the necessary integrations

CampusQlik offers advanced functionality through Microsoft and google integrations and all other integrations can be done including google applications or SharePoint documents.

BI and Advanced Analytics for Student Behavior Analysis

CampusQlik is a smart system which give you complete analysis about the key indicators on certain basis like marks, attendance and this real time analytics help you to predict the behavior of students. Information is used for complete student activities analysis. If you feel that student marks and attendance is declining, then you need to find its root cause which can be depression. Alerts about any unexpected situation can be sent to parents and teachers.

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Report Cards Checking

CampusQlik allows the students have overview of the report cards and analyze the trends. When you check the trends, then you have more chances to focus on the subjects which require your special attention

Track an Attendance

You can easily track an attendance on the basis of subject or a day. Graphical analysis allow you to make a further check if lower attendance has any relation with the lower marks or not.

Student Course Work and Assignments

CampusQlik gives you an opportunity to the students check the assignments posted by teachers on the system. It will be very easy for you to view the course work, see the class notes which include test and exam papers in one place. One click access to google drive and drop box makes data sharing done easily.

Events Marking and Management through Calendar

All the school events and key dates are available in calendar format online. You can view the events on the basis of day, weeks and months which ensures perfect planning and forecasting.

Online Notice Boards

Students can go online through tablets or smart phones in order to access online postings which makes it easy for the students get knowledge about key events or notices.

Pay your Fees Online

CampusQlik provide full payment integration which keep you away from lining up in the queue. All the payments to school are managed from the secured platform.

Keep Health Records Up to Date

Students get an easy access to growth and health records. Information provided to the students can let them track progress towards soul, mind and body.

New Apps Additions

Students have an opportunity to enhance the learning experience through an addition of new apps like past question papers, exciting mobile apps and the guide books for fun.

Useful Alerts through Email and SMS

CampusQlik allows you to alert the students in case of key events and emergencies. You can easily set the new rules according to the school requirements through the use of CampusQlik academic management software.

Student Behavior Analysis

CampusQlik provides alerts to the teachers and parents if any change is observed in the student behavior. Everything is managed according to the attendance, social activities engagement and academic performance of the students.

Report Cards Monitoring and Marking

CampusQlik makes it easy for you to monitor and mark the report cards with detailed analysis of ongoing trends. Detailed analysis let you check the trends and focus on the subjects which demand more attention.

Attendance Marking

Attendance can be marked by the teachers through CampusQlik academic management software and they can also analyze if the attendance of the student is effecting its academic performance.

Assignments and Course Work Publishing

As a teacher, you can publish class notes, reference material and assignments. All the students have an option to view course work and class notes which include the exam papers and tests. CampusQlik allow you to save the data to google drive or drop box.

Events and Calendars for Teachers

Teachers can access calendars and events related to school and they can easily view on basis of days, weeks and months in order to ensure perfect planning.

Notice Board Announcement for Staff

Staff can easily access all the key events and notices on online notice boards. Teachers can access everything through PCs, laptops or smart phones.

Health Records View and analysis

Teacher get an opportunity to view health and growth records. You can monitor the student health and analysis let you measure if student health is causing any impact on academic performance of the student.

Helping Materials Uploading

Teachers have an opportunity to enhance teaching experience through the use of helping materials. These helping materials can be used by students including guide books, question papers and other related sources.

Alerts and Notifications

Teachers can send alerts and notifications to the students and parents in case of any issue. All these alerts and notifications help the students and their parents keep in constant touch with the teachers.

Comprehensive Behavior Analysis

CampusQlik Smart and innovative technology alert the parents, teachers and school about change in behavior of any student through various indicators like short attendance, social activities and academic performances.

View Report Cards

Every parent is concerned about the academic progress of its child and CampusQlik let the parents check report cards of their children with trend analysis. Trend analysis help you as a parent to focus on subjects in which your child is weak and need due attention.

Attendance Monitoring and tracking for parents

CampusQlik gives an opportunity to the parents to track attendance of their children and it also provide graphical analysis to depict the clear picture if the lower attendance has any relation with the low percentages.

Events Marking in Calendar

Key dates and school events are available in a calendar format. Parents can easily view all the events on daily, weekly and monthly basis which enables perfect planning and an accurate forecasting.

Be Informed through Online Notice Boards

CampusQlik provides an option of online postings which makes it convenient for the parents to get notified about notices and key events. All the information can be accessed through personal computers, smart phones and tablets available with the parents.

Electronic Fees Payment

Payment integration is supported by CampusQlik which let the parents pay fees for their children without having to line up in a queue. All the payments to the school are managed from one secured platform.

Health Records Management

Parents have an opportunity to monitor health reports of the child which is submitted by the school. Provided information help you in tracking the progress and health care issues.

Addition of New Apps

CampusQlik gives an opportunity to the parents to add new apps which can help them to make plans for children education. Many apps and tools can be added which can help in planning finances for the education and educational apps can easily enhance children education.

Email and SMS Alerts and Notifications

CampusQlik academic management software allows educational institutions send alerts to the parents on key events and emergencies. Various alerts can be set and all these alerts are used to notify the parents about any happening occurring related to their child or school.

Alumni Social Profile

Alumni network of an educational institution have an opportunity to create the social profile which include the links related to the LinkedIn, twitter, facebook and other social media platform accounts. Social Profile option in CampusQlik let the members socialize with endless possibilities.

Business Exchange

CampusQlik academic management software allows the alumni members exchange the ideas and business opportunities with colleagues at professional level with complete perfection.


Directory available in the CampusQlik software allow the members find their batch mates and this helps them to reconnect with each other

Post the Jobs

CampusQlik gives you an opportunity to post the jobs and get relevant updates for the career prospects in various fields. Our system enable you to see the jobs openings and it also enable the members get in touch with the college and school peers who have the related skillsets.

Online Notices

Online notice boards allow you to post the notices directly at your convenience. Schools and colleges can put up the notices, announcements, posters and messages for keep an alumni engaged and informed.

CampusQlik on a Cloud

CampusQlik is highly flexible, scalable, secured and hardware free solution on a cloud to give you complete sophistication

CampusQlik Mentorship Programs

It is the feature which let the members of alumni community form connections with the present students and also with their parents in order to guide them. In this way, you can help the students with skills development, community empowerment and career path.

Donations Management

Donations can be used for various purposes and school administrators can make a perfect use of this feature to do fund raising for any charitable cause. Alumni can make donations for deserving students.

Social Media Integration

Social Media integration is offered through CampusQlik and alumni can meet other people by sharing the facebook, twitter, Instagram profiles.

Interests Sharing

Search functionality and advanced profiling let the alumni share interests to get connected with the like-minded people in order to keep their knowledge up to date.


From Student Information to Alumni & Campus Recruitment

Every child learn differently and its important to track children’s learning style. Now you can get insight and analytics into children’s behaviour and learning patterns with Campusqlik Behaviour Analytics. You can even track and get alerts on student’s symptoms for depression or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).




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Course & Academic Management<!– Structure your institution by creating and scheduling subjects for each class/course. Assign students to multiple class or subjects. Customize to suit K-12/schools, small academies or large universities. –>
Pre-admission <!– Manage the admission process of �n� number of students, recording admission details and keeping students and parents informed through SMS or E-mail. You can even structure online student application forms, making admission easier than ever before.–>
Parent,teacher,student-portal <!– Invite Students, Teachers and Parents through SMS/E-mail to their dedicated online (Web or Mobile), and hence make full use of Campusqlik as a parent, teacher and Student Information System.–>
Behavior-analysis <!– Get to know every student in every aspect by monitoring their attendance, Report cards and Health Records. Campusqlik�s Analytics Engine builds Behavior Analysis, based on the student’s data and suggests tips for each student�s personality development, if required.–>
Class-scheduling <!– Students, Teachers, Parents and Administrators can manage academic events, like Class Schedule and Examination Schedule, or personal events with an easy to use drag-and-drop Interface. In this way Campusqlik provides complete class management software for your institution.–>
Messaging-SMS-&-Email <!– Send Emails and SMS�s easily using Campusqlik advanced and trigger based messaging platform. Send academic or scholastic updates, automated messages to absent or tardy students. Or, send invites to those who have yet to be a part of your institution�s network, thus expanding your institution through Communication.–>
Ecommerce <!– Campusqlik stands out from the rest by introducing a platform for creating and managing an online campus store. Institutions can now sell any product, ranging from books to merchandise, to all affiliated with the institute. Adding products, Managing transactions, and administering sales becomes easy with this online school management system.–>
Library-module <!– The days of crowding libraries during exam times are over ! With Campusqlik, institutions now have an online library management system. Checking in/out books and online transactions are now made easy.–>
Fees & Donation <!– It is time to introduce a more convenient method for students to pay their fees. With online transaction mechanisms coming into play, the entire admission process will be much easier . The days of waiting in long lines to pay admission fees are over, with a Campusqlik as a financial management software.–>
Gradebook & Reportcard <!– students and teachers can collaborate in new ways. With easy access to student information, teachers get a chance to know their students better, by analyzing and recording every aspect of every student. Furthermore, Parents can track their child’s progress and get real insight into their behavior.–>
Financial-Accouting <!– Campusqlik provides features like – Real time view of cash flow; balance sheets; profit and loss statements; inventory status ; receipts and payments. A complete financial management software with online accounting for education institutions. –>
Alumni <!– Connect with students after graduation to let them know how their institution is holding up without them. Let them know of important events for which you think their participation would benefit them and the institution as a whole. Use MailChip integration to send newsletter on key events or donation drive. –>
Academic year management <!– For an institution with thousands of students, managing graduation and recording historic academic year details can become quite the tedious task.Campusqlik allows easy access unlimited academic year all tied to the student. Its easy to build analytics on student progress over multiple years or academic teams.–>

Student Information System

  • Course & Academic Management

  • Pre-admission
  • Parents, Teacher & Student portal
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Class Scheduling & Events
  • Messaging SMS & Email
  • E-Commerce
  • Library
  • Fees & Donation
  • Grade book and Assessment
  • Financial Accounting
  • Alumni
  • Academic Year

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