Cloudpital radiology and nuclear information management solution let your radiology department to save all the reports and images of patients in system with assurance of their safety. It also facilitates the regularity and management of radiology services and equipment. It is a best in breed solution which can directly capture images from the machines, convert them to JPG format and store in all connected systems.

Cloudpital solution let you to integrate medical images to the other data of the patient which makes the data flow of patient from first step of registration to last step of billing smooth and easy. Hardware integration feature of solution makes it compatible with almost all the devices and you can easily get prints of images through any conventional or latest gadget. You can send these images globally through email for consultation in critical cases and can also publish on website. Cloudpital solution ensures the safety of reports, reduces time, cut down money, improves workforce efficiency and enhances operational effectiveness.

Main Features of CloudPital Radiology Information System Module

  • Delivery to the club radiology images with EMR of patient.
  • Pre booking provisioning of diagnostic equipment.
  • Actual time results communication to the clinicians.
  • Clinical decision support tools for point of care.
  • Predefined report formats for different tests.
  • Send images provision via E-mail to patients and other hospitals.
  • Charts for nuclear medicine patients monitoring.
  • Indicators to highlight abnormal findings.
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