school management system


Erpisto provides an entirely transparent Attendance Management System which enables the staff and parents to monitor their child’s attendance. It automates the whole procedure of attendance marking, saving time and energy of both the instructor and students. It eliminates the gap between various stakeholders and keep them connected.

school management software

Advanced Analytics

Erpisto offers customized dashboards displaying data. Both parents and teachers can take advantage of its advanced analytics i.e. parents can monitor their child’s performance, students can view class routines and exam schedules and teachers can keep track of the class schedule.

school management software

Accounts & Billing

Erpisto Accounting and Financial Management Software provides integration from third party as well as keep record of the expenses and income of the schools and colleges.

school management software

Class Scheduling

Erpisto School Management Software provides automatic tracking of teachers and subjects along with flexible class and period scheduling.

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Worth Your Money

Erpisto academic information management system is designed in a way to cater both, large and small academic institutions along with providing full value to your money.

school management system


Erpisto eases the process of registration and admission by bridging the communication gap between students and the administration along with reducing the paperwork.

school management software

Exam Management

Erpisto exam management provides you with electronically generated reports and attendance records of students. It also assists in creating exams, recording marks and publish mark sheets

learning management system

SMS & Email Alerts

Erpisto academic information management system can be integrated with bulk SMS providers if needed and are also used to send SMS and email alerts to students, parents and teachers.

school management software

Digital Library

Erpisto Library Management module is designed and developed in a way to improve your entire library system. It keep records of all kinds of material available in the library and define access control.

school management system

Online Fee Payment

Invoices can be paid through an online payment gateway via internet banking or credit card, facilitation parents to pay tuition fee while sitting at their homes or offices.

school management system

GPS Tracking

Parents, School Management and others are provided with automatic alerts about the students via Erpisto GPS tracking facility.

school management software

Enhanced Efficiency

Applications are accessed at high speed as Erpisto is hosted on exceptionally powerful cloud servers with high redundancy.

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