Erpisto Academic activity management refers to activities which include the curriculum as well as the extracurricular activities. Our academic activity management will assist teachers, students as well as the administrators. Each grade can be given their own academic activity according to their curriculum. Students will be divided into houses and each house will be assigned a captain and a staff member to regularly monitor them. Inter house competitions can be held and their progress can be monitored online using this management system. Judges can be appointed and they can also upload their results online in order to track the progress. All students are given equal opportunity in participating and are also allowed to see others work and progress. This process also provides students with a healthy and positive competition.

Main Features of Academic Activity Management

  • Vital feature of Erpisto Academic activity management is that in helps in generating reports for schedules, activities and results.
  • Activities can be uploaded be it small or large, indoor or outdoor and their results can be monitored online.
  • Activities can be held for specific durations and sessions as per the need of the instructor.
  • Feedback for the course and the instructor is also mandatory to ensure that the work quality is maintained.
  • Results of competitions being held is also mapped online.
  • It also provides assistance in data collection and analysis.

Benefits of Academic Activity Management

  • Erpisto Academic activity management provides teachers as well as students a platform where they can work in sync.
  • Students can take their academics side by side with their extracurricular.
  • It ensures equal participation by each student.
  • This system assists best in online tests and work submission where students have to meet the specified deadlines and if they fail to do so they are automatically withdrawn from the course.
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