Activity Assessment Module of Erpisto School Management System is basically designed for the pre-schools where teachers can grade the kids according to their performance. Teachers can make their customized rating scale where they can rate the kids according to their performance in the specified task. Their grades can also be monitored by their parents so that they know where their child is lacking and they can focus on that definite area. Different development activities are designed for various grades and the level of difficulty is set in accordance with the grade.

Staff members and parents have complete access to assess the report card of the child’s performance assessment. They can evaluate their child’s performance which can later help them in understanding the area where their child needs more attention. Children are then graded on their development against the defined activities. The required outcomes are predefined and the performance is then measured against these predefined outcomes.

Main Features of Activity Assessment

  • Erpisto activity assessment management system provides a customized rating scale and grading system in order to evaluate the child’s performance and activities.
  • Report card generation regarding kids’ performance in their assigned activities.
  • Gives complete access to online grading system by parents as well as staff.
  • Activities are designed according to the grade.
  • Highlights weak areas of their child.

Benefits of Activity Assessment

  • Erpisto activity assessment management system helps in keenly observing child’s performance.
  • Keep kids engaged in different development activities.
  • Helps in child’s mental development.
  • Allows parents and teacher to focus on child’s weak areas.
  • Direct parent-teacher contact.
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