Activity schedule management is basically a process of scheduling different activities which are defined by the preschool. Erpisto Activity Schedule management system lets the preschools define small cycles in a yearly term which conventionally are in quarterly cycles or sessions over a year’s time. Development skills and activities are defined as per the grade of the child. No grade is given any test which is not of their level and calibre. Each cycle is assigned a different development activity. All preschool can define the activities for play group, nursery and kinder garden as per their skill level. Erpisto also allows preschool to create timetable of activities in order to fully utilize the module and provide perfect and efficient management.

Preschools define activities and task to be done by children on daily basis to polish their skills and then they are also graded by their instructors which provides feedback for the activities being held that whether they are useful or not. Parents have full access to the reports and activity planner of their child which are planned by various preschools. They are informed about the day’s activity as the schedule is updated on daily basis.

Main Features of Activity Schedule Management

  • One of the key feature of the Erpisto activity schedule management system is that it defines small cycles and sessions in a yearly term.
  • The activity schedule is decided by the preschool itself.
  • Parents and teachers have access to the schedule and child’s performance report.
  • Real time view of the kids’ activities is provided through Erpisto advanced analytics and reporting.
  • Development activities are grouped on the basis of the levels.
  • Development activity differs in terms of cycles and the grade of the kid who is assigned the activity.
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