Erpisto offers reliable application security and access control management which enables you to maintain top security requirements efficiently. It provides regulations in regard to who can use the resources available. The access control is not only confined in terms of physical location but also logical. Physical access is limited in terms of locality whereas logical access is in terms of computer networks. Erpisto provides complete application security in terms of data and other integral information. It not only retains the integrity of the code but also assists in maintenance.

Erpisto application security and access control management provide our users with a reliable and feasible way to access the modules without any security breaches/risks.

Main Features of Application Security and Access Control

  • Erpisto application security and access control play a vital role in user’s maintenance.
  • Provides complete application security.
  • It assists in setting up the access modules and identifying roles for each user.
  • Erpisto provides efficient access control management.
  • Reviewing and analysing reports that track user behaviour.
  • Provides a well-adjusted module that can easily accommodate the client’s unique needs.
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