Erpisto school management system provides support to preschools on the basis of teaching approaches such as Montessori Method, Multiple Intelligence, Project Method, Theme Based Method and many others. Erpisto is designed and developed by focusing on different approaches including cognitive, personal awareness, gross motor, fine motor, and language. Different development skills like flexibility, questioning, social skills, etc. can be defined under individual development approaches. It is also possible to define multiple activities under each of the development skill. Preschools also have an option to schedule activities in the timetable and kids’ progress and development on different activities can be evaluated by the staff and their parents. It is a good way to keep your data organized and maintained. No hassle of manual entries and the data is safe.

Main Features of Approach, Skill and Activity Management

  • Each development activity is categorized according to the grade.
  • Each development activity is defined under a unique development skill.
  • Development approaches are defined on the basis of school’s teaching methods.
  • Various development skills are defined under different development approaches.

Benefits of Approach, Skill and Activity Management

  • Allows staff to rate their skills as well as their student’s skills.
  • The system is fully automated without any manual data entry or data maintenance.
  • Provides an easily accessible format to keep track of the staff and students.
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