Erpisto offers highly efficient and effective Staff and Student Management System. This system is completely transparent as not only the staff can view it but it can also be viewed by students and their parents. Erpisto allows class teachers to mark each student’s attendance on the online attendance portal provided by Erpisto. Plenty of administrative reports can be generated in no time, highlighting the attendance pattern of each student individually. Erpisto attendance management software can be integrated with the various access control systems at the gates of school for ensuring automated attendance marking. Staff members also mark IN and OUT time through the system.

Main Features of Attendance Management

Erpisto Teacher Mobile Edition
Erpisto offers two options to mark students’ attendance. First option is that the teacher or the operator can use a computer for marking attendance and the second option is that each teacher can mark the class attendance using his/her smartphone making use of Erpisto Teacher modules.
Fast and Easy
Erpisto is an easy to use and a user-friendly software that helps the staff members mark the attendance of each class within no time.
Get the attendance summary in Result Cards
Erpisto Attendance management system allows you to keep attendance record to provide summary information on different occasions such as during result card generation.
Erpisto Analytical Reports
Erpisto is one of the best school attendance management system with analytics, which allows you to keep a check on different analytical reports including attendance register, class wise attendance ratio and many others.

Benefits of Attendance Management

  • Erpisto attendance management system provides complete transparency making it easy to monitor student’s attendance.
  • Students, parents and teachers can have a view of the marked attendance easily.
  • School staff can mark IN and OUT and our attendance management software solution captures the attendance data of the staff to be used for HR and Payroll purposes.
  • An option to view user-friendly administrative reports is also available which can be published for students and staff from different classes of past and current session.
  • Erpisto gives liberty to the class teacher to mark students’ attendance as present, absent, late or informed present.
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