Erpisto examination management system provides a wide range of online exams conducted for students. The results of these exams are also available to the parents to keep a check on their child’s progress. A schedule can be set up for students, teacher and parents. You can not only appear on a test but can also associate the exam with grades. Various tests can be scheduled for different grades. You can categorize the type of test like practical, theoretical, viva and etc. You can also define grading pattern and generate student report cards. Students can not only check their marks but are also informed about their position in class and their percentile


Ensure Quick Result Cards Creation

Erpisto reduces your burden by offering a consolidate sheet and producing result cards faster.

Convert Marks Sheet in to Progress Card

You can easily introduce the student and subject appraisal in your result cards instead of plain marks sheet.

Mention Class and Section Position in Result Card

Erpisto offers you an opportunity to show and hid the student position in class and section according to your requirement.

Performance Reports with Analytics

Erpisto ensures perfect recording of the exam result sheets which helps in producing the performance analytic reports for each student, section and class.

Benefits of Examination Management System

  • Erpisto software makes the whole examination process short and easy.
  • It automates the entire examination procedure from conducting exams to report generation.
  • It provides you an option of customized display, where you get to decide whether you want to compare your results and make it visible to other.
  • It allows you to define the exam type.
  • Ensure timely generation of report cards which are easily accessible by both parents and students.
  • Student’s performance against the overall performance of class is shown with the help of graphics, enhancing the display and highlighting the odds.
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