Erpisto food and nutrition management module is designed to meet the needs of the schools and day boarding’s which offer meals to students during lunch break. The school administrator can create a master menu for the students which can be modified on daily basis as per the meal they plan to serve that day. Each master menu is calculated for its nutritional value so that one exactly knows the nutritional value of the food items consumed by the students. Erpisto ensures that the food quality is maintained and no expired food item is served. The menu can be changed on daily or weekly basis depending upon the administrator. Health and hygiene are of top most priority and to make sure that the standards are met Erpisto maintains a record of all food items which are served.

Main Features of Food and Nutrition Management System

  • Erpisto food and nutrition module ensures that the meals served have a complete nutritional value required by a person.
  • Nutritional components master data is defined and maintained.
  • Nutritional value of the food items served is also defined and maintained.
  • The data of food item’s which are served in school is defined and maintained.
  • Erpisto food and nutrition management system ensures that the food items served are not expired.
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