Erpisto Food Menu and Kids Sleep Management System is uniquely designed for preschools and day boarding institutions. It keeps records of the sleeping time of kids at day boarding according to the preschool management. It also assists in creating menu for the food items that are served along with mentioning the serving size. This portal is also accessible by parents, to keep track of their child’s activities and also allows them to know whether their child is being taken care off.

This system is very beneficial in terms of parent-teacher interaction. Parents can know about the instructor who is taking care of their children and also know about what meals their children are being served. The food menu is predefined by the preschool on a weekly basis which is available to parents so that they know what food their children are being served.

Features of Food Menu & Kids Sleep Management System

  • Erpisto food menu and kids sleep management system provides parents an online view of the sleep time of their children while sitting anywhere.
  • Sleep time of kids can be recorded on daily basis and previous records can also be retrieved to check the sleeping patterns of their child.
  • Erpisto provides an opportunity to parents to view the weekly food menu.
  • The serving size of each meal is also predefined by the preschool.

    Benefits of Food Menu & Kids Sleep Management System

  • Benefits of Erpisto food menu and kids sleep management system is that its interface is very user-friendly and easy to use that anyone can easily navigate through it.
  • It provides a constant parent-teacher communication.
  • It helps parents know about their child’s whereabouts no matter wherever they are sitting.
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