A grievance is a complaint that has been put in writing and made formal. Erpisto offers an online grievance management module which let the staff members and students raise concerns and make online logins. Grievance area can be easily assigned to the staff members for resolution in Erpisto Grievance Management System. Grievance status tracking can be done by requestor and system shows the resolution with complete details.

Both complaints and grievance, are important indicators of potential problems within the system. Without a grievance procedure, management may be unable to respond to employee concerns as administration, is unaware of them. Therefore, Erpisto provides a platform for a formal grievance procedure which is an extremely valuable communication tool for the whole organization. Grievance matters must be handled immediately in order to eliminate any loopholes in the management system. Erpisto makes the whole procedure of grievance easy by making it online thus providing continuous responses to the requestor.

Main Features of Grievance Management System

  • Erpisto Grievance Management System lets the Human resources receive grievances online in different areas
  • You can easily update the resolution online by assignee which can be viewed by the requestor.
  • Erpisto Grievance Management system allows you to assign and track the grievance status online with ease.
  • The grievances are kept completely anonymous so that no one is directly targeted.
  • Provides the most efficient and effective way to communicate and address problems.
  • The whole procedure is very short and effective.

Main Benefits of Grievance Management System

  • Erpisto Grievance Management System provides an outflow channel for grievance.
  • Requestors receive status reports from the administration.
  • Erpisto provides an online report tracking system.
  • Results in an improved work environment.
  • Once addressed it boosts up the morale of the requestor helping them perform better.
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