Erpisto Hostel Management System in allows you to manage the information of all the students living in a hostel along with their complete references. It manages the students’ information on the basis of various standards, divisions, and mediums. You can also add, edit and update the details of hostels wardens along with the hostel staff working in different hostels of the campus. A data log of the visitors list is maintained and a record is kept of each student’s frequent visitor. It also keeps record of hostel dues and mess bill against each student. Hostel employee data is also maintained.

Main Features of Hostel Management System

  • Erpisto hostel management system manages all the necessary details of school hostels efficiently.
  • Maintenance of records of hostel ins and outs and other durables and consumables.
  • Erpisto customized reporting for generation various reports according to the need.
  • Visitor list maintenance along with request management for leaving hostel premises.
  • Manage teachers and students in various hostels and allocate the rooms to various students.
  • Ensure that the number of students in each room does not exceed the room’s capacity.

Main Benefits of Hostel Management System

  • Erpisto hostel management software eliminate human error by making the whole system computerized.
  • Provides complete data security.
  • It is easy to handle and manage.
  • Backup of data can be easily generated.
  • The interface is very user friendly.
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