Erpisto House, Club and Society Management module makes it easy to create clubs, societies and houses to let the staff and students subscribe to them according to their liking and interests. Male and female captains can be chosen for houses to lead and it also facilitates the activities and inter house competition along with efficient discipline monitoring.
Our house, club and society management portal also provides planners and details of the inter house competitions which can be held. Each staff member is allocated a house and all students are also categorized under houses. Captains are assigned to each house and all house also have separate male and female captains so the overall discipline of the house is maintained. The system is completely online so each student details regarding their houses, societies, clubs and sports are maintained in the portal.

Features of House, Club and Society Management System

  • Erpisto hostel management system define Clubs, societies and house.
  • It allocates houses to the staff members and students.
  • Planning of activities competition and inter house events.
  • Creation of house charter for the representation of house.
  • Allocate and assign male and female captains along with house warden.
  • Creation of different societies and clubs including art, music and literary club etc.
  • Subscription of staff members and students to different societies and clubs according to their liking and personal interests.
  • Each house captain is selected by the house members.

Benefits of House, Club and Society Management System

  • Records are kept online and weekly planners and reports can be generated.
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