Erpisto Library Management module is a highly effective automation system which is designed and developed in a way to improve your entire library system. It assists in the library functions and processes including inventory maintenance of the items, items issuance and returns, issuance for the request queue management, waivers and fine management. It is easy to manage Erpisto library system as it is completely computerized and all books are categorized according to their genre. Our system also allows you to search the availability of the books online while sitting at home along with issuing them online and collecting them later. It not only maintain records of the books but all other kinds of materials available in the library be it articles, catalogues, digital and print media, and etc. It does not allow issuance of library item to someone who has overdue items.

Main Features of Academic Activities Management System

  • Erpisto library management offers effective analytics and reporting as you can get reports on inventory, fine, waiver and status on items issuance and returns.
  • Request for an item can be easily placed. Librarians have options to issue and return an item which is based on the request priority.
  • Erpisto Library Management System allows you to add, search, update and view the library items. It helps you in maintaining the entire inventory details and check status availability.
  • Erpisto let you configure the fine calculation settings and manage the fines with the overdue items. You can also allow the waivers on fines and others, related to the library configurations.

Main Benefits of Academic Activities Management System

  • It simplifies access to educational resources.
  • Allows quick and timeless results of the searches performed.
  • Erpisto library management provides a thorough, real-time track of media assets and inventory to be kept by staff and librarians along with giving students digital means of discovery and reading in a way that’s both fun and engaging.
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