Erpisto Curriculum Management software offers comprehensive and easy to use curriculum management software for managing design, delivery, publication, cost effectiveness and quality of courses throughout various stages of the lifecycle of curriculum. You can easily manage the program and perform updates which may involve plenty of inconsistent information. Erpisto Master Curriculum Management software imports the course information from the student information system and it offers customized pre-populated forms for the authors, create the workflow, identify the impacted courses by proposed change, track comments and edits, status report, and assist in updating the student information at process end. Erpisto curriculum and catalogue software work together for updating the catalogues automatically with the approved program, course and student information system data.

Features of Master Curriculum Management Software

  • Erpisto master curriculum management software defines and configure department, location and designation of the staff members.
  • It also defines and configures document, period and qualification of the students enrolled in a specific program.
  • Configures term, branch, grade, course and section of the students enrolled.
  • Generates customized planners.
  • It provides internal congruency, quality assurances, clear linkages, and fiduciary support necessary for ensuring continuous improvement towards meeting the mission and goals of the organization.

Benefits of Master Curriculum Management Software

  • Erpisto master curriculum management software maintains accurate, up-to-date information about curricular offerings.
  • Keeps record of all the staff and students department and grade wise.
  • Provides an organized way of recognizing the need and value of a systematic, ongoing program of curriculum development, assessment, implementation, and evaluation.
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