Erpisto Recruitment Management system serves to find and select the best qualified and skill matching candidates. It lets you devise an entire recruitment workflow which includes job postings, candidate applications, shortlisting and candidates’ selection, referrals and final selection all through an automated system. It allows you generate offer letters online to the selected candidates. Candidates are also allowed to include referrals in their profiles from where anyone can see their work history as well. You can let the guest users see the job posting on Erpisto, apply online and track the status. It keeps a track of all the candidates and maintains their work profile. Anyone can apply to the jobs available and if selected, they will be scheduled for an interview. Reports can be generated for analytical purpose with the help of Erpisto’s recruitment management system.

Main Features of Recruitment Management System

  • Erpisto Recruitment Management lets you have the customized reporting and analytics through our advanced reporting mechanism.
  • You can create job postings online which can be viewed by internal and guest users.
  • You can view job applications and process the applications for the system selection. Referrers and candidates have an opportunity to see real-time status and offer letter can be generated online through a single click.
  • Guest users have an option to create the profile and apply against job postings along with the progress tracking.
  • Students and employees can view the postings and resume can be uploaded and tracking can be done easily.

Main Benefits of Recruitment Management System

  • Erpisto recruitment management maintains a complete record of all candidates work profile.
  • It automates and facilities the complete hiring procedure.
  • It helps in finding the right candidate for the job available.
  • The searching process is very fast and easy.
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