Erpisto offers you an opportunity to manage leaves and holidays of a school. You can define holiday calendar for school and categorize the leaves accordingly and also make the leave inventories for various leave baskets for different staff sessions. Parents and students can easily view the holiday calendar and staff can check the availed, balances and carry forward leaves. Staff also has an opportunity to track the leaves which are taken during an academic session. They can apply for a leave online and check its status. It helps in keeping a check and balance on the number of leaves taken by any staff member. It also keeps a check on no same staff members going on a leave on the same day. It allots substitute staff members for the class and an email alert is sent to all the staff members in order to inform them.

Main Features of Staff Leave Management System

  • Define the holiday calendar which can be viewed by students, parents and staff.
  • You can have administrative reports through Erpisto Advanced Reporting and Analytics Mechanism which can easily be pulled out from the system.
  • Leave category baskets can be set up and you can create leave inventory for different baskets for sessions. Staff members get the baskets for their leave balance. It will be easy to set up the basket rules for encashment, half day allowed and carry forward leaves.
  • Staff has an ability to check the leave balance, carry forward leaves and leaves availed. They have an option to apply for a leave online and receive approval from the respective departmental heads. Leave inventory is automatically updated through an auto calculation mechanism in the Erpisto Staff Leave Management System.

Main Benefits of Staff Leave Management System

  • Erpisto staff leave management system can also be operated on your mobile phones.
  • Keeps employee information secure and confidential.
  • Provides complete knowledge of the school’s leave policy.
  • Keeps history of the employee leaves.
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