Student Management module in Erpisto School Management System let you manage the students profile based on complete data and information which is related to the student’s personal, and academic details. It helps you perform customized searches and maintains a record and history of each student. It brings information online to be used by students, teachers and parents. It also enhances the home to school communication. With the help of Erpisto’s management system, one can readily print out student reports as per the specified criteria.

Main Features of Student Management System

  • Erpisto Analytics and Reporting let you pull out the student information based on your specified criteria.
  • You can easily list and search the student’s records through the use of different filters including academic session, stream, section, grade and other details.
  • Erpisto Student management module allows you to view, add and update the student profile which includes information constituting the personal details, academic details, contact details, emergency information, previous history and guardian’s details.
  • Admin has complete access to all the registered students’ profiles.

Main Benefits of Student Management System

  • Erpisto student management system manages the entire admission process from online applications to enrolment.
  • It computerizes the complete management system making it fast and convenient to use.
  • It reduces the cost be it of paper work or labour.
  • Easy tracking of records and updation is provided by Erpisto.
  • The system is very interactive and backups for databases are available.
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