Erpisto let you create the timetable for the staff members of different classes on specific periods and days. You can allocate activities and rooms to different periods in the timetable. Erpisto offers different views of timetable to the students and staff which facilitates them in a perfect way. It assists in making customized timetables according to the rooms, faculty and students. It can generate timetables as per the required criteria of the user. Students also have access to the portal and they can make their own timetable according to their classes and courses.

Main Features of Timetable Management System

  • Erpisto Master Screens let you configure class wise, branch wise periods and the timings.
  • You can set class view of the timetable for parents, students and staff. Integrate holidays in a timetable and integration can also be done with the staff appointments.
  • Schedule the courses and staff against different days and periods. It will be easy to schedule the activities for specific week in periods and you can assign rooms according to their availability.
  • Erpisto provides you an opportunity to create the regular and substitution timetable for different classes for the weeks. You can create a timetable for specific week and views of students and staff members’ changes automatically whenever any alterations occur.

Main Benefits of Timetable Management System

  • Erpisto timetable management system provides high flexible features for managing the schedules of study for students.
  • It is extremely user-friendly and easy to use by any novice user as well.
  • One can easily search the room as well as instructor availability by viewing their timetable.
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