Erpisto Transport Management System is to facilitate the interaction between parents and the school’s transport facility. It is basically designed for parents to ensure security and safety of their child through real-time information of the school vehicle. Username and Password are given to the parents to access the travelling information about their child, and they also receive SMS for the scheduled pickup and drop time. Alerts are also provided in case of any issue or need. Erpisto Transport Management system helps the school management to keep track and record of students travelling in the bus for operations optimization. It maintains a complete data of students, parents, vehicle and drivers. This facility is used to ensure that children save most of their travelling time and the bus uses the shortest possible route.

Main Features of Transport Management System

  • Erpisto transport management system stores the information of Student, Parents, Vehicle and Drivers.
  • It tracks any transport request made.
  • It generates Analytics and Reports for maintenance purposes.
  • Generates automated SMS alerts to Parents to inform them about their child.
  • Route and stop allocation to students and staff members.
  • Real time information about Student and Vehicles.
  • View the Compliance details and Alert details for both Vehicle and Driver.
  • It provides visibility across the entire Transportation Network.

Main Benefits of Transport Management System

  • Erpisto transport management provides a way to keep all the information organized.
  • It saves the travelling time by executing the shortest route possible.
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