Customers can view the pickup time of their orders
Erpisto allows the customers to see pickup time and alerts them with customer order alert screen when their order is ready. Erpisto keeps the customers up to date and pick up orders by offering a clear and large visual display that shows the orders status. Employees have an opportunity to perform tracking of details which ensures the going out of orders on time. Erpisto provides you paperless and wireless environment which ensures that your location is environment friendly.

Main Benefits of Erpisto Customer Order Alert Screen

Enhanced Experience

You can display all the orders and their statuses on smart screens of your choice.

Fast Service

Fast and reliable service is provided as customers are informed immediately when their orders are ready for the pickup.

Complete Convenience

You can keep the customers informed consistently about the status of their orders.

Eco-Friendly Environment

Fulfill your dream of ecofriendly, green and paperless environment through Erpisto Customer Order Alert Screen.

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