Introduce your rewards program by building the customer loyalty and offering specific incentives
You can reward your customers with the Erpisto Loyalty programs. Give incentives to the customers and you can attract them by letting them gain the accrue points against the purchases and redeem the useful rewards. Erpisto reward programs help retail, grocery, and QSR and restaurant establishment in building a customer loyalty. Erpisto loyalty programs are based on tangible card swiping and digital inputting with the phone numbers.

Main Benefits for Erpisto Loyalty Programs

Reward Customers easily

You can give reward to the customers in order to let them keep coming for ensuring repeated sales for your business.

Flat Rates

Erpisto offers the loyal program functionality at flat rate without demanding any hidden fees.

Linkage with Customer profile

You can link the loyalty cards with specific customer profiles in order to track and document the customer activity and information.

Have complete control in your palm

You can have complete control in your palm and set up the loyalty program by customizing the incentives and rewards. Erpisto also let you build brand customizable cards with the business name and logo.

Eco Friendly environment

Erpisto allows you to go for a card less loyalty program. You can easily put the customer’s contact number in iPad POS system and then the customer profile will get appeared.

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