Get various POS Attributes to items like color and size for the inventory
Erpisto POS allows the retailers to manage exceptional and extensive inventory from one screen with Erpisto Inventory Management feature. It allows you to easily locate and access items from big product library directly on Erpisto POS system. You can start managing the inventory with plenty of SKUs and then navigate through the different locations of business inventory in an efficient and simple way.

Main Benefits of Erpisto Matric Inventory

Quick find and selection

Erpisto Matric inventory allows the retail stores offer plenty of product variations and styles and it is difficult to locate in POS system. Erpisto let the users find each item on their iPad POS. Erpisto matric inventory feature allows you to set up display of the items by style which is followed by clickable path to various detailed variations of style. You can easily select and sort different items with few clicks.

Erpisto Inventory Management

You can easily organize and manage the inventory with plenty of SKUs in the most efficient way.

Erpisto Faster Service

Erpisto Faster Service allows you to avoid spending too much time in locating one particular item on your POS system. You can easily locate a product on Erpisto POS and then ring it up to offer fast and reliable customer service.

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