Erpisto Ensures PayPal Payments on Your Own POS
Erpisto POS helps you in successfully accepting the PayPal payments. It is an easier and faster way to pay and get paid online through mobile device and in store. It is an easy service which allows customers to have security and flexibility through a trusted source. You can start processing your business transactions today with PayPal and then you can bring more customers to your business.

Main Benefits of Erpisto PayPal Integration

Ease of Setup

After your establishment set up with Erpisto Management console, your business appear in a mobile consumer facing app. Erpisto offers you an easy way to set up and get its benefits.

Make Orders in advance

Customers can order ahead for reducing the waiting time and avoiding the line.

Safe and Secure Payments

Customers don’t need to make use of their wallet as they can easily share financial information with merchant during the payment.

More Business through the mobile discovery

Potential customers have an option to open PayPal app of the nearby establishments which accept it and this helps them in discovering and bring you more business.

How Customers Make Use of PayPal

Order Ahead

PayPal orders will appear with the online orders on Erpisto POS. Customers can select the pickup times which can be communicated among various people.

In-store payment and Check-in

Customers can check-in at the store with PayPal app. They can give you intimation when they want to pay you through PayPal. Visual notification on Erpisto POS allows the employees to know when potential customers check in. You need to simply touch PayPal button and make selection of appropriate customer and then the payment can be made easily through PayPal account.

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