Have complete control on the access of management console by employees
Erpisto POS let the business owners’ increase control and security on how the employees make access to the real time management console information. You can start assigning specific permissions for managers and the individual employees from management console. Make sure that every employee views information which they require and valuable data is kept private for the business owner.

Main Benefits of Erpisto POS User Access Feature

Increased Security

You can make a choice that which employees have complete access to specific business needs and ensure that the important data is kept confidential for the related persons only. No one can access any page without a specific request.

Quick Set Up

You can check and uncheck the access restrictions on the management console by the selection of employees. Updates are applied immediately after the saving.

Permission Levels

You can easily set up, modify and manage the permission levels for each employee on management console. Every employee of the company has an option to view and access the things which owner designates to them.

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