Erpisto understands the excitement of the customers when they place orders and to maintain the level of excitement Erpisto has developed the Customer order alert screens which will finish the wait of the buyers by letting them know that their orders are up. Customers can stay up to date on the status of their order through large screens. The company can track the order until it reaches its destination. Erpisto customer order alert screen is compatible to other systems to perform the tasks with all perfection.

Erpisto POS system is a wireless and paperless system which ensures that this system is not only business friendly but also environment friendly at the same time. Erpisto customer order screen will enhance the efficiency of your business and will add the confidence and loyalty stars of your customers to your performance chart.

Erpisto Customer Order Alert Screen POS Key Features

  • 24/7 an extraordinary and reliable support center will be your companion in finding the answers to your questions.
  • Erpisto Wi-Fi management let the system to connect and synchronize with different consoles with ease.
  • All the operations can be controlled by one master POS system.
  • Erpisto let the users to access the management console to resolve the issues in case on any urgency.
  • These screens can be used for the sake of advertisements and for showing the different pictures and messages.
  • Erpisto always on mode keep all the operations on going in the case of any interference.
  • Erpisto customer order screen makes your services faster, is convenient for the customers and most importantly is Eco-friendly.
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